Manager: Venus

Exalted: Moon

Harmful: Mars / Pluto

Low: -

Shadow Aspects: Materialist, Self-indulgent, Sensual, Heaper, Stingy

Reason of Being: To improve the quality of the world. That's why their five senses are so developed. A Taurus’ eye sees very well, that is, its color scale is very good, their tongue perceives many tastes better, their ear can hear many sounds better. Taurus perceives the world with their five senses.

Because of their perception of reality and their superior five senses, they may have difficulty perceiving supernatural dimensions. They create art with their five senses. It is very important for a Taurus to seek his/her talent. The capacity to create, developed five senses, patience and perseverance. These characteristics are for finding and developing talents. What if they don't use their capacities to find and develop a talent? They start to count money in order to ensure their financial security, or they may tire themselves too much for the use of money. If they cannot realize their reason of being, they start saving money for the perception of complete security and want to experience luxury.

Taurus has a consciousness of scarcity. If the person is not aware of this, he/she constantly tries to ensure his/her safety in the shade. He/she reaches the level of gratitude when he/she finds his/her own talent and starts to earn money from his talent. Although it is safe to work in a guaranteed job, inertia and laziness may knock their door over time because they cannot develop their skills.

Their other shadow is their defence mechanism; they do not want to abandon their living spaces, they have fear of loosing their safety. Therefore, it is a horoscope that sees innovation as a threat. It is important for Taurus to be open to innovation. Because he/she must utilize his/her patience to improve his/her talent. But if he/she doesn't develop his talent, that patience consumed in the wrong place. Maybe he/she will be patient for a long time in a marriage that needs to be ended, maybe he/she will be patient for a long time in a job that he should have left, or even if a house or a district no longer serves him/her, he/she will block his/her development by being patient there. Therefore, it is very important to use this patience in the right place. They should not keep in the background and get stuck somewhere. If patience builds a solid energy, pent-up anger occurs when they shift to a stagnant energy flow like earth.

If a situation that feeds pleasure begins to occur tendency suc as sensual pleasure, eating and drinking, sexuality, luxury, traveling he/she will again stay in the shadow. Taurus's desire to eat is purely for pleasure and wants to satisfy it.

What is Astrology?

It is an archaic information repository showing the position of the Solar System and planets at the time of one's birth and gives information about one's life and potentials. This is the oldest science known in the world. Planets’ pushing and pulling energy are collected in the core of the Sun and transferred to the world at any time through the solar winds. This locates Sun's quantum imprint in the magnetic grid of the planet, overlapping with the magnetic field of DNA at the time of birth also this magnetic grid forms a portion of the DNA.

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