Ascendant Virgo

While going to the reason of being, they should use the characteristics of working efficiently, analysis, perfectionism, plan and programmed work to improve their own ability.

They live with the belief that they have to be useful to everyone around them. Thus, if they are conscious of serving their environment, they cannot create time to be alone with themselves. They constantly focus on the other side to fix the problem. They try to fix it by detecting its defect and error. Controlling characteristic is for correcting the deficiencies. This indicates that the mechanism is not operating correctly. They usually attracts people in need with problems.

They can change their approach to life by trying different methods to be useful, without making the mistake of blaming themselves and those around. They should use their high working energy to improve their own ability.

Relationship Axis;

The biggest problem is the imbalance in the daily business tempo. One party may undertake a lot of workload and the other party may live inactive, isolated from life. Virgo Ascendant can sacrifice themselves to the partner and live the relationship in a service consciousness. Virgo, learning to serve themselves, keeps the balance in their relationships. They begin a relationship with compassion and love. May cause pity for the other party.

What is Astrology?

It is an archaic information repository showing the position of the Solar System and planets at the time of one's birth and gives information about one's life and potentials. This is the oldest science known in the world. Planets’ pushing and pulling energy are collected in the core of the Sun and transferred to the world at any time through the solar winds. This locates Sun's quantum imprint in the magnetic grid of the planet, overlapping with the magnetic field of DNA at the time of birth also this magnetic grid forms a portion of the DNA.

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