Ascendant Gemini

Positive tools they will utilize to reach their Sun are to educate themselves, collect information and data, transfer the data, and improve their communication skills. Not to miss any information in the shadow, they wantsto take it all, stays on the surface and cannot go deeper. It can make rapid and continuous environmental changes. In case of a problem adolescent consciousness can escape. However, they change the environment, but do not solve the problem at the point where they change.

Aura field vibration is quite fast, they can also handle many things at once. Their minds are very fast, its thoughts pass quickly, they speak fast and have good perception.

Relationship Axis;

The biggest problem in a relationship is equivalence. One party may differ from the other in terms of culture, education, family culture, which will cause problems. The other party may judge this inequality and create a problem in the relationship. Completing this deficiency with education is also important for the development of the person. The judging party must adopt tolerance.

What is Astrology?

It is an archaic information repository showing the position of the Solar System and planets at the time of one's birth and gives information about one's life and potentials. This is the oldest science known in the world. Planets’ pushing and pulling energy are collected in the core of the Sun and transferred to the world at any time through the solar winds. This locates Sun's quantum imprint in the magnetic grid of the planet, overlapping with the magnetic field of DNA at the time of birth also this magnetic grid forms a portion of the DNA.

Other Zodiac

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