Ascendant Aries

A person should use his combative and warrior spirit as a helper while going on the path of life. He/she adopts an entrepreneurial attitude in life so that he/she can go to his/her sun. If he/she cannot utilize it in this way, his/her outward style automatically becomes angry and selfish. Then this negative trait sticks to the person so much that he/she starts to think of himself/herself as an Aries. He/she breaks the bond with himself/herself.

His/her energy physically is impatient and fast. His/her hand is quick. Ascendant Aries attracts selfish, angry and quarrelsome people into your life. It must be in an environment that will exhibit its entrepreneurial spirit. Otherwise, he/she experiences anger attacks and impatience. They will move, explore, conquer, constantly chasing something new, but that's how fast he/she can move forward in life. For example, Ascendant Aries using their entrepreneurial and courage characteristics, starts to attract encouraging people into his/her life when he/she thinks of a project and changes the energy.</p

Relationship Axis;

The partner should stop acting selfish and learn to be in harmony with their relationships. The biggest problem in marriage is anger attacks and the problem of giving and receiving balance. It's always what one side wants. The other party creates an account book by sacrificing his/her own wishes. With problem accumulation, their relationship can be damaged.

What is Astrology?

It is an archaic information repository showing the position of the Solar System and planets at the time of one's birth and gives information about one's life and potentials. This is the oldest science known in the world. Planets’ pushing and pulling energy are collected in the core of the Sun and transferred to the world at any time through the solar winds. This locates Sun's quantum imprint in the magnetic grid of the planet, overlapping with the magnetic field of DNA at the time of birth also this magnetic grid forms a portion of the DNA.

Other Zodiac

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