Ascendant Aquarius

On the way to life, they must learn to accept their own difference and become an individual. The tools they must use should develop their extraordinary characteristics. They must learn to express themselves freely.

It is a soul that does not want to come into the world. Therefore, they lack sense of belonging. They do not want to be too close with his surroundings, and when they get too close, they feel like they are trapped. They can break commitments suddenly.

We can talk about birth trauma. However, the feeling of not being able to connect with the mother can cause problems in their life.

It should bring innovation to the environment where they born. He/she has a talent different from the family's culture and abilities. This situation is rejected by the environment. They will be the excluded person, but by seeing his/her extraordinary and different aspects in their life, they must first accept themselves, then develop it and present these innovations around themselves. They feel belonging when they accept the differences.

Relationship Axis;

It is difficult for them to relate because they think it is an interference with their freedom. Ascendant Aquarius can marry when in love. If there is love, it will be a solid marriage. The biggest problem with this axis is that one is more social than the other. They want their space to be respected. The parenting and companionship characteristics is strong.

What is Astrology?

It is an archaic information repository showing the position of the Solar System and planets at the time of one's birth and gives information about one's life and potentials. This is the oldest science known in the world. Planets’ pushing and pulling energy are collected in the core of the Sun and transferred to the world at any time through the solar winds. This locates Sun's quantum imprint in the magnetic grid of the planet, overlapping with the magnetic field of DNA at the time of birth also this magnetic grid forms a portion of the DNA.

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