Our visible parts ascendant signs, the moment and environment we were born, human profile that came around us, partner energy (DSC), Identity, style, virtual mask, aura, magnetic field, domain (element, planets), the vehicle we ride on the way to life, which tools should I use, the double rising effect takes as topics.

The ascendant also shows us the partner energy, because whatever our ascendant is, the sign on the opposite side shows us the person we will absolutely attract into our lives as a partner. At the same time, what kind of people stand around me? How do people come to me? It also shows the responses to these questions. For example, as Aries Ascendant is an angry sign, it attracts people who are either very positive or cannot control their anger. If we do not work the ascendant planets correctly, we attract such people into our lives like magnets. If we regulate the Ascendant, we will also regulate our daily life. For example, there is a double Ascendant effect and the 1st influence Sagittarius Ascendant judges a lot, they have standards, but they attract Gemini energy into their life and cannot fulfil their expectations very much. 2nd influence Capricorn Ascendant is also associated with taking too much responsibility and teaches to establish a balance of giving and receiving. If a person's Ascendant has dual influences, questions come from both. Ascendant Sagittarius, on the other hand, attracts people from different cultures. With Capricorn’s energy, it attracts people who will take too much responsibility into their life.

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