What is the reason for the difference between people born at the same time on the same day?
  • 1- Geography is Destiny
  • 2- The Legacy of Our Parents' Biology/li>
  • 3- Ancestral Legacy - Transition
  • 4- Data Retrieved from the Collective Information Repository

1- Geography is destiny

Our country of birth affects our destiny. We are under the influence of culture, traditions and the history of the country we were born in karmic debts. Is it a coincidence that the children of a country that has experienced war and slaughter are born with feelings of guilt?

The data we bring in our subconscious with the environment where we are born is shaped and manifested. We experience this position in our Ascendant.

2- The Legacy of Our Parents' Biology

Not only physical characteristics are passed on through genetic transmission, we also receive information about our parents' feelings and beliefs, abilities, events and trauma.

3- Ancestral Legacy - Transition

Unfinished works and events repeat, tests those cannot be taken and feelings that are not seen find their place in the life story of the descendants again.

4- Data Retrieved from the Collective Information Repository

From the Collective Consciousness being a databank where the life stories of all people are kept, we subconsciously draw the information of the stories and people we need, and we benefit from this information on the way the Spirit will go. Until we realize this useful part, we feel the negative part of the information and live with experiences and events in our lives. When the level of the awareness is reached, there is no need for repetitive events and the Universal system starts to support the person with this information.

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