I was born in Kayseri in 1981. As a Survey Engineer, I worked in various institutions and organizations. From a very young age I set up a childhood interested in the works of Great Spirits, spiritual leaders, much searching, curious about the universal system and willing to discover herself.

I am still continuing my “Self Journey” since 2006. I have attended many seminars and trainings lend assistance on this journey. In my journey with astrology, by observing what kind of troubles in the lives of the people did the blockages occurred in the past, hidden in the birth information of people, caused, I worked on analyzing them with healing methods.

To ensure a deep transformation in people's lives, I have created by own Spiritual Astrology System by serving Astrology training in a rich form with my own savings by gathering these savings in SPRITUAL ASTROLOGY ACADEMY.

I lecture on reading Individual Birth Maps with a different method. In these training; I dwell on the cause of existence of Souls by focusing on ancestral transposals, mother’s womb period traumas and how to heal moment of birth traumas to allow people to go through their path of lives.

Another difference in our education system is; our style of utilizing the information; the person evolves if the archetypes constituting the foundation of Spiritual Astrology and astrological symbols (for example Aries the ram refers to warrior archetypes) is used in a balanced manner. Our goal is not to be like the mythological character, for example, Mars, who own these archetypes; but it is to evolve by reaching to name “Fettah” in the Name (Esma) (Names of God) requested from mankind in the verse “I thought Names to Adam”. With this perspective, while we teach spiritual journey techniques in our trainings we also attach particular importance to Mohammad’s creed for evolution.

Instead of retrieving fate system as a stable fate, I dwell on creating different future possibilities by transforming one's fears, negative emotions and beliefs that is changing one’s destiny by healing that is recovering himself-herself.

In addition to astrology trainings with my own healing systems we also share transformation trainings with our students.

We grow students starting to take their own “Spritual Journey” with “Moment of Birth Transformation Healing” and “Energy Meridian Re-Programming “ among the training system we built with the results I obtained over hundreds of people in active consultancy and coaching since 2015. Likewise, I am one of the founders of the "Guidance of the Heart" and "Discovery of the Heart" Education system with Ms. Dr. Ümit Sofuoğlu and Ms. Münire Gür.

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